Our Magnificent World


A young pretty Russian girl thought I was cute when actually she was the cute one.

She would send me these cute Internet love gifs and hugs in the cute form of those photographic slideshow/w or /wo memes.

They made me feel good to feel warm and feel wanted inside so I’d like to share some of them with you.

At the beginning of the Internet, we loved connecting on a deeper level so we created the first socio-economic networks. We called it the world postcard network.

At WPN we shared the beauty of each place in the world in postcards we made from local pictures we snapped. The stamp of the postcard is our portrait shot. Eventually, we covered 187 countries and many more regions, cities, towns, parks, and beaches. 

There was nothing ugly on our site, and groundbreaking code would be news to the billionaire clubs website’s these days. Today you get bombarded with copycats, bad news, negative perspectives, tragedy, shared by all.

They hurt your heart and no one ever apologizes for doing it.

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We don’t need to know all the bad news, day and night and from so far away. Especially when friends and family need our support close to home. We need to be stronger internally so in the event we are called upon we can be more effective. 

Maybe once is enough or too much, but negative words and news, over and over again, that is getting in the way of my progress if I let it. It is so enticing and additive to fall back into the thinking that doesn’t help you or anyone pounding from every news and group. 

No, just say no, things have got to change around here. More people need to be with us and win. The winning herd effect. Now is the time to surface. We have always been here just not for the public. We have faced all sorts of distractions from the devil’s own tool belt. We are done with that.

We gave the world beauty here and it said No we will not pay for it. 


COVID 19 social behavior made me think about life again. It’s time to let you know the truth of what is available.

I will now seek for the 9 disciples of the age of information. If you or someone you know wants to apply for the position of a disciple please step forward.

FROM NOW, 4 April 2020 until further NOTICE we will only publish ALL new information as posts in the

If InCareOf, ICO things are different and by that, we mean we do things in a vastly better for our members or associates. ICO comes from a place that thinks first with the end in mind and cares about our history of 24 years.

Wishful thinking is that we could help the world. In any way that causes significant change for the better.

Our World is Magnificent