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The Most Vulnerable people depend on us to be alert, mature, to think smarter, and to act swiftly and diligently to save the children. What happens to the security and comfort of children dictates the condition of future world.

How can this be happening to children now? These are not enlightened times. The details of these crimes against children are not published here because they are everywhere else. Here we deal with the time and focus it takes to do something positive to make a change.

Adult who are healthy and physically able, now more than ever need to cope with greater challenges. The disabled, dealing with illness, suffering single parenthood, and ideological persecution is that adults are faced with today.

How can adults be so incompetent and uninformed about the real world? These are not by accident. People are being fed a daily dose of major core belief deception. One system caused them to grow up gullible and the other keep them useless. Can the cycle of abuse be sent to history?

Those who have experienced the most have much to give all of us yet they are often ignored. That could be the greatest tragedy of our time if we continue to lose their message and wisdom forever. We need to protect our seniors.

How can this be happening to children now? These are not enlightened times. The details of these crimes against children are not published here because they are everywhere else. Here we deal with the time and focus it takes to do something positive to make a change.





Most life lives in the Ocean.

How are they doing these days?


No matter what our world is going through today, there is another side to the story.

There is a different world inside the world of the media and news.

Almost everything in that fantasy universe inside the world is unaffected by the negative terrifying news or the fear based economy.

This world I am talking about is an adjacent world, existing right alongside the so-called actual world. This better world grows from a philosophy that makes life become supportive and unfold in better ways.


The Devil is a Meme meaning community illness. Know your enemy, the Devil’s primary tool for destruction of the community is DISTRACTION.

To beat it is pretty hard. Cut your time that has low to no value. Do this daily as a habit. You need to seek where distractions are coming from and stomp them out.

The principal reason is you need time to be spent in ways that make you happy and healthy and strong enough to teach others. Low energy is anger. High energy is happiness. That is all there is to it. You see someone angry and unhappy and you’re looking at low-quality energy.

IN OUR WORLD from our world view, COVID-19 has no effect. We were already looking after ourselves the best we could. We already listen to authority and act on professional advice. We develop humble self-esteem and so we easily social isolate to protect the unnamed people in seniors homes as well as ourselves.

Not bragging but thoughful people who learn how to think, yes learn to control the positive energy and the connect of what we think about, we control our emotions with repeated instructions to ourself.

The cliches in life on the street are all 180 degrees opposite to the truth. The world is mess up because of fallacy filled minds and false emotions generated by not knowing you are truthful with yourselves. Fiction and myth are teaching tools but truth is how you run your system for life.

When the philosophy underlying your “focused mind and opinions” is committed to a higher truth, then all the following opinions will be similarly a higher truth based set of memes and self suggestions.

Take the highest philosophy for the greatest value for life and add to it the entire body of our science and accumulated knowledge. What does that philosophy on life loo like.

Is the universe the same as the opinions people get about it?

If those opinions bubble up from a weak or incomplete core belief system, they how much understanding can there be?

2020 has time to be great.

I my case and the case of everyone working with us 2020 is already great. We are working on ways to help people get back to par after the attack on the herd from millions of people with a false incorrect core belief system.

The proper belief system is we can do whatever we want as long as it does become lethal and doesn’t get out of the laboratory, ever. Those are the ethics. All of us are living just fine by following our advice.

Our Advice is checked by any and all of us. Our advice is EXCLUSIVE and not available to the public.

When you enroll in knowledge and join and exclusive society you understand one of the correct core philosophies that create a simple compass finder in life. Inclusive clubs offer less than they take in time and imput. Exclusive clubs spread out the wealth and don’t make one guy super rich. Facebook makes on guy and one group of investors rich and nothing for the people, the users, the sold information and even secrets to your soul. Nothing and billions of people do it, all inclusive (not truly when they work with fake news).

Can you name any exclusive clubs that make the members money?

They all do…

The world preaches the endless lies about the advantage of an inclusive society. No, it’s not. Exclusive Society is better. if by better you mean more rewarding for the user.

We have a website like facebook and NO it’s not free to join. We have to know a little more than that. You have to do things to prove to everyone in the exclusive club that you belong there, we all rowed the boat and all stuck our oars in at the same time. You deserve to be there, no one is freeloading, that makes us all enjoy a common bond.

We did Something to get in the exclusive club.


Some people misread Jesus. What he meant to say in all honesty is that don’t wait up for me. Don’t hold your breath underwater. Get on it now. Work on saving the world now and all the time until it’s “nearly” “mostly” almost saved.

Where is your Jesus fellow going to come when he returns? We already know. He is coming to the head office of the people who are actually saving the world all the time and have been for as long as the founder has been living.

The founder is hidden. He experienced the most horrible things in modern times, the most harmful injustice and the greatest loses and robberies in history against one person.

Not only did he survive but he thrived. The philosophy and discoveries that allowed the worst case to survive and then thrive again, are woven in all these writing. He is the living Bible of our times.

The Founder created a business, (many in a network) and create corporate socialism. That doesn’t work very well so he founded the religion. It had been a private religion for centuries but he opened it up by transferring all the charities over to the church out of the companies.

The Dot Com was the business and the Dot Org is the Church Charities. The real church is exclusive by nomination and sponsorship naturally.

The Dot Net is for the teams and mail servers.

There are a hundred companies online with the various teams. You cannot work here without feeding POD 1 level invitations to the annual subscription.

pod Personal Organization Development.

step one, get one and then another.
step two, help one and then another do the same as you in step one
step three, encourage the front end loading speed from start to finsh

We Wish You Well.

We have been lucky at ICO and have no “regular” flu patients or “special” flu amongst all our regular working family, friends and associates.

Every year the regular flu mutates from the season before. You need to aid your immunity system if you can by sunshine, allergy reduction, inflammation reduction, stress modification, Vitamin D, Zinc, Selenium, exercise, choosing happiness, choosing honor.

When you honor by choice, you also honor things that cause others to create stress inside themselves. If people don’t know, they don’t know.

Generally, anxiety and stress are both a choice and also a bad habit that most people get themselves into, with some people growing out of it and others in full “stuckness” for life.

Seek your feel good doctor first and then your feel bad doctor second. You are your first Doctor for you. The doctor you go to next is your first second opinion.

You ask yourself about your symptoms and fix it yourself unless you need a second opinion. You feel good doctor is your regular health partner in knowledge. The ND naturopath can advise to visit the general practicianer of medicine, your third opinion.

It can take half a dozen opinions with serious things like cancer before you have the whole picture. If someone ignores the feel good doctors medicine they will experience feel bad medicine that could go too far. If your life feels too bad for too long your body will give you the gift of death. Death stops the pain of life.

We want everyone to live as long as possible. Because with time the possibility to meet with us increases. Following ICO can lead to enlightenment about life and the Universe. Volunteering time to ICO can lead to enlightenment about yourself in the real Universe.

The real Universe is not what they tell you. Discovery of the real Universe required questions from a higher state of consciousness. Mankind is forced to work from the last popular state of mind, but not the true leading minds. The highest minds on earth are bought and sold by secret societies and sold to corporations. Governments in bureaucracy bid on the second tier of high minded people. Criminals and radicals seek the high minded people but end up with the third level down.

The common world is fooled pervasively about the true human condition and range of mental capacity by a simple trick of common public education; the grading system. This system sets up a high and low dynamic with a ceiling for high but never looking beyond that. It tricks people into believing that the A grade, B grade, and down to D grade, means we are all similar in intelligence with or without wisdom.

But here is the truth. At the straight-A tier group of students and future leaders, and some not leading, there are over 100 levels or “Letters” above. If you lined up all the straight-A students on a graph, some are 10 times while others are 35 times smarter and wiser than those who just made it over the line. Some have knowledge of the lessons and studies before going to school and some innovatively beyond the textbooks.

There are living humans walking the earth that are a full 1,000 times smarter than the average person that is focused on his small picture of life by necessity and cannot transcend the tactical reality of existence. They are literally definitely a separate species. You cannot teach them to do the same things. They will never understand the dimension of reality or the quantum physics of consciousness.

The genius tier is almost always engaged in some department of saving the world from what? From the activities of the common minded normal humans who cannot see the big picture. It’s is easy to know who you are in this chapter in your life. When you hear or read the higher truth, the truth has levels, do you feel insulted, or questioning, or appreciative?

The genius class in the secret societies (most of them) know that all people that care about earth come from the earth. All who don’t care about the earth are alien consciousness walk-in parasites. They have human bodies and alien to earth attitudes. Common educators and science have been taken over by people who don’t care about the world in all its more significant meaning, as the body of life force that makes our existence possible.

Would you like fries with that? is not the level of mindfulness that can care about or do anything about the torent of bad actors in the alien-human hybrid in our common world.


to become capable of learning about the real magnificant universe one first must calibrate the mind.

At this time 20, April 2020, no one that we know, knows anyone else of all the people they know, who has been sick or bless their soul has passed away from the pandemic that originated in China and was let out on the world by the CCP. Since the Chinese Communist Party has not offended us, we remain neutral. However, it has offended the rest of the world who are our allies. If it was an accident it was an accident perfectly timed for the American Economic rise to balance against decades of injustice in stolen patents and Americans ingenuity. It goes along with decades of currency manipulation to affect China-US debt. Now as bedfellows with WHO incompetence we feel for the gullible in the world where no one has true honor and integrity. The SJW who pressure the lies of racism and the commercial unnecessary global travel by hiding the discoveries and seriousness early see the western world on economic fire. The economy will shorten and kill the lives of many more than the special flu will. It may even surpass the culling of humanity by the annual regular nutritional emptiness flu.

If you know about our theory of adjacent worlds/universes then you wouldn’t be surprised by the fact we are all safe around the working families of ICO. All of that could change at a moment’s notice. All that I can report now is that no one we know of has been affected medically, knock on wood. All of our members listen and we all have money because that is the law of our religion. We don’t talk about Plan B we work on it when times are good so that it is real and ready to go when needed. We have no poverty consciousness and stupid talk allowed. We have no anti-family and homelessness arrogance and laziness allowed. We are a religion first, then a university, then a charity and then a business. The religion is based on one man’s insights. The professors are taught from one mans disciplines. the charities are run by one guiding voice. The one voice creates the invoice of business so everyone has something positive for work and reward with no negative business ventures of investments.


Announcement. The IAM came to earth after a long near-death experience taught a man how to cause resurrections of the dead. First, he resurrected himself and then all the others since 1991. He formed the greatest religion in the 6th wave of civilization and called it the religion of one, no one may join, and it dies with him. Resurrections don’t always appear to happen the way people expect. The truth is nobody wants to come back unless they have something to do that only they can do. The other factor is time and decay of the body if the type of resurrection is going to use the old damaged body or make a new one. Another type of restriction is by using an empty vessel. That’s a human with no soul operating on the autonomic systems but has not the human self central concept of self. Of course, you will not learn this on the first pages of ICO. There is yet another type of resurrection which involved coming back before the event that caused a death. You die, then meet the master of consciousness, then say you need to come back to share more time with a loved one. You had a heart attack in the main timeline. Now to return one hour before the event and use that time to go to the hospital and claim you have pains before they come in an hour, you will be resurrected in an adjacent timeline. As you heal the mind and heart muscles you can use your superior knowledge that you got from the master or from the path that ICO can lead you toward, you perform daily quantum navigation techniques. Soon you will slide back into the main timeline and be back with everyone you wont to be with. While you are in the adjacent world you will not be far from your loved ones but they will seem different as if they forgot the times you spent together and who you are to them emotionally. Eventually, when the chemistry comes back you will be waking up in the main timeline which is the one that takes the least effort.


There is no way to learn this if your definitions wavier. You cannot allow the world to make definitions for your words because they are all breaking the laws of meaning. They are subverting your ability to think and to be able to recognize important things. Since you don’t know about quantum navigation you can understand why it works. You heard of parallel universes but don’t know why they cannot exist in a big bang universe because there can be no such thing as parallel timelines. They must be adjacent angles from the main timeline. You cannot know the meaning of resurrection when you don’t know the types of ways to return, where or why, or mostly what life is and how to create it. If you don’t know what life is and how to create it how can you possibly understand the act of assisted and non-assisted resurrection. If you wait for Jesus how can you understand he never left? If you don’t that souls can jump out of bodies and that other souls can take over then how could you possibly understand how and why alien consciousness has taken over the planet by taking over the key leadership that the common armies of mankind are forced to follow? So definition matters and not simplified or casually. You need to stop yourself from the misuse of words. Every dark side cult is twisting meaning so that abhorrent concepts become acceptable and so that anti-cult helper souls can’t get through to them in language to help them escape their doom. If your group tells you the word sick means great, it’s a cult of the dark side. If your group calls you brother and you are not a relative, you have a cult. If your group uses the word clear for anything other than a glass of water or the good weather day, its a word twisting manipulative cult.


It is created by people like you and me who learn the 108 secrets and then apply them more or less to our lives and to the world around themselves.

A pretty young Russian girl that I met on a dating website had it in her head that I was cute!!! Actually, she was an adorable one. Maybe I will one day show you a picture of her. Ladies who want to find a great man should stick around and read on. This is a guys-guy story but you will make the connection later on that this world makes men great again. If you are looking for a good husband or a super-deluxe confident woman, they are coming here for a bunch of different reasons, I’m not promising your number one will be here but just there is something going on.

She used to send me these Internet gifs and animated hugs, flowers, kisses, and cute memes. It was adorable. I’me sure everybody gets them. I saved most of mine on my hard drive. They appear all over my website sprinkled here and there. (see left side) the over-time I have added them to some of the tens of hundreds of websites I created. They make me feel warm and support my happiness and I wanted to share some with you as way (see a few below).

At the beginning of the Internet, in the early ’90s, we used to enjoy connecting with other teachers, writers publishers, and academics on a purposeful and sometimes deeper level of relating.

We created the first socio-economic network communities where knowledge and know-how-to was the currency that we traded in those days. We had working barter systems. Nothing was free of time and energy costs but everything made us an extra income from multiple automated streams of income. We had 50 irons in the fire got fifty paychecks at a time. Associates from home typically would earn from their regular PLan A and work part-time after a good setup and work with Plan B. Plan be might be tapping into 1 to 3 opportunities to trade with like-minded people on the same team.

We created one of the first shared profile websites to go global, the world postcard network. On the one-click emailed virtual postcard was a small link to your home-based business. If you didn’t use that link, the person who invited you gets the extra link. I discovered that when I sent a portrait of me and a picture of where I live, there was a quick and instant added report over the internet. Place and Face made it easier to see me as a human. Only humans to humans can do small business deals on the home-based distribution networks of the world. These small business models are the most helpful for the middle class and rising individuals. It is the blessing for singles and disabled to make extra living trading information at home to other home-based educated associates.

I am the inventor. I paid all the bills and offer the beta members their services for free.

I trained 2 other people on how to use the templates to manually construct and approve new pages. The demo version was not running from a normal data base. We needed 50,000 to get going to automate the website. Then I started feeling the cancer. I was in denial of the chance to heal from it.

I met someone on the Internet and she came to save my life. I met her on a dating website. With her viral medical care skills and disposition I endured a journey as survivors like to call it. I’m here working on something great today and all I ask for is $89 a year when you are ready. I will publish all kinds of cool information for interested visitors.


https://incareof.org will be reorganized. The former religious charity at dot org. It will be moved to the religion center at Deyrnas.com or as directed from there.

The charities for the following will be moved to incareof.org.

At WPN we shared the beauty of each place in the world in postcards we made from local pictures we snapped. The stamp of the postcard is our portrait shot. Eventually, we covered 187 countries and many more regions, cities, towns, parks, and beaches. 

There was nothing ugly on our site, and groundbreaking code would be news to the billionaire clubs website’s these days. Today you get bombarded with copycats, bad news, negative perspectives, tragedy, shared by all.

They hurt your heart and no one ever apologizes for doing it.


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We don’t need to know all the bad news, day and night and from so far away. Especially when friends and family need our support close to home. We need to be stronger internally so in the event we are called upon we can be more effective. 

Maybe once is enough or too much, but negative words and news, over and over again, that is getting in the way of my progress if I let it. It is so enticing and additive to fall back into the thinking that doesn’t help you or anyone pounding from every news and group. 

No, just say no, things have got to change around here. More people need to be with us and win. The winning herd effect. Now is the time to surface. We have always been here just not for the public. We have faced all sorts of distractions from the devil’s own tool belt. We are done with that.

We gave the world beauty here and it said No we will not pay for it. 


COVID 19 social behavior made me think about life again. It’s time to let you know the truth of what is available.

I will now seek for the 9 disciples of the age of information. If you or someone you know wants to apply for the position of a disciple please step forward.

FROM NOW, 4 April 2020 until further NOTICE we will only publish ALL new information as posts in the


If InCareOf, ICO things are different and by that, we mean we do things in a vastly better for our members or associates. ICO comes from a place that thinks first with the end in mind and cares about our history of 24 years.

Wishful thinking is that we could help the world. In any way that causes significant change for the better.

Our World is Magnificent