On homelessness

I’m writing an essay over in the homelessness section. It’s not very good yet because when emotions are involved my dyslexia level of errors rises. If you have the time to read it please please please become an editor and correct my mistakes.

Here is the Link to the Page as it is today.

It’s more of a PTSD experienced opinion piece. I am tired and sick of fighting alone without enough resources to do what I can do. I am looking for Mr. or Mrs. Deep Pockets to give me a break from the struggle. Maybe that will reduce my ADD running around, spreading myself too thin and coping with the reality of the things that have happened to myself and others I know.

Many people I know had died earlier than expected because of these issues. After 13 years without tobacco I recently started smoking again. I think I might have a suicide wish but it’s not in me to end it now before my last breath trying to lead us all out of this mess. Perhaps a little medical help and a little vacation and I will be right as rain again.

If you find I am a dreamer, a big dreamer, you’re right. I have done so many things first in the world that creating something from nothing is real for me. Now I need to stretch my reach, looking for people, and hoping that one of those people has contact with someone with deep pockets. I hope the changes in my personality are not too off putting to get the assistance I need.