If you would like to donate to homelessness, to the ongoing live experiment in Vancouver BC Canada, then please do so here.

How Your Donation is Spent: 5% goes to advertising and website hosting services and 95% goes into a fund. This fund is an interest-free lending fund that grows as people without shelter repay our trust with excellence.

Example: A homeless person buys wholesale flowers and spends 40 to earn 140 for the day. He returns 40 and his credit is extended for another turn. He is given an option to automatically save 10% on his account and begin the [manditory] financial habits that make us never broke and winning.

Phone line counseling and advice is also offered to trustees who are the working homeless. Legal services are encouraged in almost all cases. Random Meals are dropped off with the working homeless.

How it Begins:

  • Take a moment or two to talk with your favorite homeless person today.
  • Talking to people makes them feel alive/noticed;
  • Chatting in the community reminds us we are human and have value.
  • Get their first name and give yours.
  • Buy them a coffee if they drink it.
  • How about using your McDonald’s app coupon and give them a discount.
  • Sometimes those two for one meal will costs you nothing but some time.

There are as many reasons that someone becomes homeless as there are homeless individuals.

I will expose some of the main ones here. The government is not the answer.

  • Government efficiency is more likely to cause larger numbers of homeless.
  • Family court is another documented cause of homelessness.
  • Over immigration and illegal immigrate must never be ignored.
  • Resource management can’t be overlooked.
  • Over-regulated building code costs take a major bite out of the new home production.
  • Standards make intermittent style housing more hassle than it’s worth.
  • Failure to provide tax returns due to the homeless first, regardless of debt or judgment.

Governments begin too big and sluggish promote jobs instead of the back up needed in self-awareness and self-employment. They allow medications for pain but then hassle doctors to cut them off by terrorizing the concerned doctors. They provide no effective withdrawal treatment if stopping pain relief medication is even possible. There is a philosophy of freedom of religion but fails to identify cults that harm families and cause homelessness.

They allow socialist agendas [animal farm mentality] to exist in political parties that guarantee slow action because nobody matters in the normal hierarchy of needs we should recognize and no action being taken to emotionally uplift individuals.

Family stability is the number one answer and solution. Mental health homes, farms, and villages is another stopgap measure. One major cause is the promotion of single families, the promotion of false communities that do not include everyone, only the special interest groups. They play gender confusion games with children, all proven lies.

Family Values Education ranks number one.

In addition, governments regulate home building to the point where developers can not move on creating transitional housing from street to dignity. They allowed the global real estate invasion of every county in the commonwealth. The Commonwealth is the only society that cares enough and has the resources to act, physically and intellectually as well as the infrastructure needed for success one day. America is harmed by disrupter’s with massive political power egos and no common sense otherwise the USA could be as powerful in dealing with homelessness as the Commonwealth could be. Religions are failing to do their community psych duties and helping the fallen to regain confidence in themselves.

On the street are many borderline geniuses. They survive by creative imagination. They gain an odd sense of pride at the fact they haven’t died yet. They are survivor and proud of it. That makes them stuck and unable to deal with the real sense of national betrayal. So they lie to themselves and all day and night they need to use all their energy to not cry or allow the feeling that they are weak and need help to enter their minds. Once self-respect is clouded in denial they can start binning and begging. It gets them nowhere. Every item in their pushcarts is not worth a dime. It is a type of hoarding disease. They would do better to just let go and accept death. Once they give up trying they are more likely to get the help and resources needed to get to the level of dignity again.

So religion, government, and trade are the three most harmful areas of life that can cause someone to lose their home followed by their mind.

You are encouraged to Follow Deyrnas at some time in your life. That word Deyrnas is the old Welsh word for the United Kingdom which meant something quite different in the past. It was a social order and a dynamic belief. Every man was a fighter for King and Country and if you were at the end of the land held by the Kingdom you represented the King.

In those times any stranger coming through your town had to have a purpose and must be a traveling visitor or merchant. They stayed at Inns along the road. The bizarre concept of migration and taking up residence away from a natural born member of the Kingdom, for their mindset was impossible and insane.

If you did immigrate as a merchant or dealer of foreign trade you built your own home.

The homes belonging to people born in every country are taking up by (off economy) people who take and never return to the community of homes needed for local rightful recipients. The few who do give back are members of the Deyrnas Community where no politics and no economics cloud our eye-wide open judgment.

I personally invented 100 processes and systems that could be patented but that would make them accessible to international idea thieve’s with unlimited pseudo-corporate government company theft. None of them can happen with a government system as we have in the Western world. We could never allow banks or real estate laws or building regulations to be anywhere near real solutions.

If you think it is fixable in the state of our counties leaders philosophy and laws you are wrong because if it were it would be done long ago. We need a full system change in all three main cause areas. That could take a half a generation or more.

I have never been homeless in real sense. I worked smart and made millions. I am responsible for over 200 homes bought and paid for by people working for me. Then white-collar crime hit me and my 6 companies through a crooked bank manager. I went to the top of the government and all they said was banks don’t commit crimes. My response was you’re right, people do, and guess who work at the banks, people. The “top” at that time was a white liberal woman. She was incapable of wrapping her head around it. It takes a special education and special experience to understand it, which she didn’t and will never have. You see she was educated into thinking there are no special people or conditions.

In my 56 years, I have witnessed more crime and side effects of crime by the incapacity of the law to do the right thing for victims of crime. SO I went back to college and began studying law to learn more about protecting my investors. No one cared about that. And a year later I dropped out with my essay on “the law is an ass”. But of those years I have had 4 years as an invisible homeless person. The cult that took my family away was legal and it should never be allowed to exist. So when crime and then stress cause stage 4 cancer I was heading for the grave early at the age of 46. But a few people saw me for who I am and I got to live in an ex-girlfriends living room. There I remain trapped and disabled by cancer treatment.

If anyone wants to argue with me you should know how I have spent far more time researching this topic and all the topics on Deyrnas and InCareOf while I cannot work for anyone but myself. I have endured chronic pain to add to my empathy quotient. I have and will never give up until I have dozens of people with deep pockets assisting me in all my projects to make up for the lost time. I will do the possible each day to reach the impossible one day.

We don’t want chaos so lets level the crooks working in the law alone for now. It could be reformed but at this time it has no incentive to do the right things we all know in our hearts and minds. I have never ever met a homeless person who was not robbed or ripped off by some crook that pretends to be law-abiding. 100% of them are owned more than enough money to get back up on their feet.

When you build a house it cost one-third of market value. I would never buy a house these days. The cost of building and the cost of buying was so much closer when we built the great west. Just before I was born a family home (before all the anti-family propaganda used in false beliefs by governments looking after you instead of family). A home in my area was 7,500 and it took one income from a lazy man just 3 years to pay it off. Now those houses are physically worthless but they cost 2 million. I live in a 5 million dollar building a few blocks from a 64 million dollar home.

My homes, sans governments of today, sans banks of today and sans religions allowed just anywhere today is around 55K. Yup I can build about 2 of them for 110K as long as the ridiculous licenses, inspection, and crooked taxes underserved is not added on. Do you think that would lead to failed building because someone is not inspecting them? Not on my watch or anyone trained in my system of fabrication. And if you think that those shipping containers are the answer think again. That is disgusting. That is a soul-sucking idea and I totally condemn them and everyone who converts one is a creative moron. You don’t heal or get well in a metal coffin.

All things consider greed is totally misunderstood. Greed is most often forced bad behavior because there is no free enterprise when you need a business license that “costs” money, free enterprise my ass. Greed is not about money and that’s why no one can find the cure. It’s about power and when you take power away people get it back by greedy means.

Today I request a house to be donating in the capital of real estate foreigner crimes in Canada where the taxes gained made the local putzes in government and law for 15 years ignore the inequity they thought we could sustain. If anyone uses that term racist when talking about the guilty from far away slave labor lands I will ban you from everything I control. Putz.

This is a job for Alpha Man. An Alpha man is calm and cool and calculating. Alpha is the dog you can count on. Beta is the whining whimpering complaining dog. People have that all backward. The Alpha dog is the leader who never quits.

I will not sit around and wait. I want a house to be donated to me and my cause in Vancouver where I am from. I want it free and when I have it in my name I will put it into the NGO and not pay ridiculous extortion taxes. It’s going off the market. No speculators and no banks.

I will need it to be able to take 6 to 8 homeless people in rotation as we get them back to mental health using my creative solutions, not the psychotherapist weird humanity ideas about what a person needs to be healthy, but work and communication and the secret formula I use.

Street people have a mind full of lies but you can’t break that down as it’s their foundation for life now. It can be dismantled one brick of truth at a time. Take on lie out and replace it with a stronger healthier core belief. Core beliefs if true are the most powerful thing you own that can never be taken away.


This will be the HQ for all my Deyrnas activities.

Here is a copy of the ad I ran in Craigslist the other day. It was way too long for quick reading on CL so I moved it here and changed the ad to just a link to this page.

Donate Your House so we may all rest in peace.

There is a cold greed-based war on for the last 25 years worldwide.

It is a new kind of war. I must have the DNA to be able to see it from the day it began. I have some of the most decorated soldiers and generals in my ancestry. So I will follow the Art of War and so I will not expose this to the general public or make this all about the enemies of all of us in all the first world and commonwealth countries.

Instead, I will talk for a moment about the causalities mounting in my country. Great people and incredibly talented people are dying because of the global event taking place. Death comes to everyone, but these deaths are coming too fast, too young, and too tragic. In fact, as they suffer toward the end it is not in their wheelhouse to understand who or what did this to them. In an ironic way the enemy ships in tricky drugs that fool some of the victims into easing the suffering they caused.

They think they will get a few hours of pain relief and the tricksters end up dying from a carfentanil chemical warfare attack. The painkillers are 100 times stronger than what they thought was going to be a little time out on the battlefield.

God, it is next to impossible, to be honest in a liberal world. Read between the lines if you can.

Recently one of the dead victims was in too much despair to reach out for help. (something I battle with too) He prophesied his own death if he was subjected to any more of the life in Vancouver for right-brained creative people who cannot function under this level of abusive oppression.

So instead of taking time out drugs he did the opposite, and he was found in his tiny room with no drugs and that’s what killed him. He was diabetic and just didn’t get any insulin. We don’t know if that was because he couldn’t get up with only one leg or just gave up. I can’t tell you how famous and important he was to the music industry and what he had given to the world of music.

No funeral and lost all property, no family allowed to get his things in order, all taken by the government and given a Hindu roasted body send-off in obscurity because it’s cheaper for the government instead of a proper Christian burial. Great big Canada founded by Christian settlers and no land to bury a guy. I also have lived a life that proves the eastern philosophy of Karma is pure fiction.

While I was attempting to put together a proper celebration of life, another senior went into crisis. Then another one and another. I have lost 6 good friends in the last couple of years. I was so busy struggling to save them from going homeless that I have no time or energy to give my friend the send-off he deserved.

I bought my first house at the age of 18 in Kelowna. By 21 I had a net worth of 7 million. I built a huge career in media and advertising and lived well for over a decade. Then crime hit me. This was followed by failed justice. I was wiped out by a system that could not look after the basic need for justice. So I went back to school to become a lawyer.

While on my way to becoming a professional I was hit by a car. The driver had no driver’s license. I was given head injuries and died 6 weeks later. When I returned, I didn’t know who I was for 5 years and didn’t speak. I didn’t know my name and took no welfare because of shame or the mental issues where I cannot fill out forms. I have Formophobia. It seems that I can’t sign anything because I instantly think the form will be used to trick the law into calling me a liar one day someday in the future.

Thanks for reading this far.

I’m rambling off-topic again.

I wrote 5 books during the half-decade of silence. Then more systemic crime and all was lost including the people who knew me for a long time and could help me remember who I was. I now remember that my work put 17 billion into the BC economy.

The mandatory socialist driver’s insurance company gave me 4,000 for my totally destroyed car and nothing for my destroyed life. Then with no social assistance, I had my case files destroyed and lost all hope of the business lawsuit for 300 million against the bank con-artist that ruined my business, and BC gift to the economy. I was hoping my books could supply me some level of dignity in life after head injuries. Who was it that obstructed justice? The police. Better not tell on them or they will set up an attack and I can’t fight that and survive. I have had to swallow my tongue to get through those times in my life.

But here I am starting up again based on hope with no proof that hope is worth it. I go into technology and invent several of the programs and systems that today are in the hands of everyone else after they saw my work. That total is over 500 billion lost to me and Canada in the hands of other people in other countries. Naturally, I am insane now but at least I have my memories back. I would rather be back in my earned life with no fame than anything else but let’s move on. At least I am honest, too honest, too amazing in my former life and achievements that if you looked at me now you’d have to say no way. How far can a man fall? Take a look.

Was it the endless stress or the toxic war on Canadians or my empathy that gave me enough internal weakening to deliver me with a cancer surprise. Perfectly healthy and fit looking with great genes and there was the tumor. It spread and took over. I was letting it happen. It was a form of suicide that I religiously can’t bring myself to do. This level of human suffering is so interesting to me, that I separate myself and go more insane to cope with it. Well damn it all to hell I had fans and friends around the planet who love me so they sent me money and begged me to try and survive.

I spent this and internet earnings from teaching computing on Natural Doctors. This made me super strong again with my stage four cancer. I listened to the inner higher voice and it said it was time to go in for the traditional trinity of radiation chemo and surgery. 1000 days later I was in level 8 to 9 of 10 in pain all that time, for 3 and half years before the “socialist” medical system gave me a second operation. Paralyzed and unable to walk for a couple of years and I was done for.

Oh, and I am one of those right-brain artist types with a business side for details and management so I am lucky but this is why I know all these dead artists who weren’t so lucky. AND guess what? I’m too right thinking to be bitter or angry or fight a losing battle. Not going to spend my last days whining or complaining about the bad guys and gals who did this to me. That’s because I force myself to look on the bright side and think about all the good guys and gals who helped save me, over 100 of them, wow so blessed.

Skipping ahead. There is something that happened to me during this time. I trust NOBODY. Call me paranoid but I value LOYALTY more than anything now. I can’t take one more betrayal from Canada or BC or any person. I am done with fakes. I am done with low IQ people and crazy unhealthy skeptics. I will not try to convince anyone of anything. You see it or your blind to it, I cannot invest in caring about people who don’t get it.

SO, if you can gain my trust (months and years later) I will consider accepting you giving me a house. How many houses do you own? If it’s just one then no thanks. If you have no family to inherit it then maybe I will accept it.

I plan to use it as a base of operations.

I want to save some great people and help them in the most important way to fight back against the consequences of the war on life in the free world from the unfree world attack on western society.

I need writing space because I have become a philosopher now. The philosophy is working for me personally so I think it can help others. It is a body of work covering three areas the world needs to be repaired in and they are Trade, Religion, and Governance. It’s not the real world but it is inside my little reality and it benefits me enough to remain breathing. I imagine if more people owned my ideas in this regard that it would be easier for me and them.

I want to lift a dozen people out of the effects of this war on Canada and the Queen’s people by creating a special home of recovery and hope. In fact, one of my hobbies besides quantum physics is to develop a project I call Tiny Town with over 100 of my inventions for small home development. Have you seen those shipping container homes? Well, those will murder your soul. What a pathetic idea. No one should live in a steel box like that. I have far better plans that heal the soul as well as the bank accounts.

Arts and Culture are being killed with the special individuals who die like this in the streets and in the third world crooked owners of Vancouver’s SRO’s. Housing without dignity. A ruddy shame. We can do better. If I have not been wiped out financially by white-collar crime and injustice half the homeless would have shelter. If I had been the mayor 85% of homelessness would not exist and the invader’s drugs would not exist to kill 2000 BCers a year or more. Big claims but they belong to a big thinker and it’s an integrated approach that requires someone like me with life experience and proper human values to come up with these solutions. NO one in power or from academia can do it guaranteed because education these days is mostly propaganda.

A home without fear of being uprooted and with the company of artist (who can’t do the math as I can) who deserve a break, a cease-fire during the cold war we are in. I’m an addict, addicted to using my life for good and my mind for helping others who can’t think like this.

I survive now on the grace of a few people who love me. All my disability checks go to paying for the hope expenses so that my life might return one day and I can become productive in a meaningful way. And I work on my personal problem with trust. BC and Vancouver ones gave me the Key to the City in recognition of my contribution to all of us. Now I am too ashamed of what they did to reach out. My fault, I can’t reach out strong enough to get results.

Give me a house so I can save a dozen important to me souls at a time. They are important to me because I recognize them and they are important to everyone even when the public has forgotten them. They still have something to give all of us.

Help me R.I.P.

Thanks for your time.

PS. I am 11 years cancer-free since yesterday, still damaged and left un-whole not fully recovered, wow, who would have “thunk” it.

PSS 12 years ago I wrote a short note on CL seeking some assistance to deal with my situation and cancer. I received 17 emails back. Most were kind and encouraging but 5 of them proved how mean and evil some people can be. They said, “why do I deserve any help, who do you think you are, go on and die there are already too many people in the world”. Nice eh. Bashing me will fail because I have seen that before.
One of the secrets to life when a dog is down there is a 50/50 chance some people will kick it and some will help rescue it. The trick is never let them see you are down because when you are down you can’t survive those kicks. So, I fake it until I make it; I fake that I am OK when I am not really living now. That is why I will not be telling the whole story and I will not be accusing the guilty. You will not get my real name or anything like that. I can’t risk it.

TRUST AND LOYALTY. My dog reminds me of those values that so many humans have forgotten. He’s a better person than most people.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers