I can’t stop.

Sometimes life is overwhelming. I know I care. I know I am too busy learning and developing too many projects for one man. ICO has been with me for 25 years. 

There have been 360 major projects and at least 85 on the go. I need people but there isn’t the funding or trust to deal with the difficulty people can be when working online. So the only way I will work with someone is after they volunteer and I see their work ethic.

I reward and appreciate every contribution every hour invested on building this empire 90% unseen to the public as it must be at this time.

I have to think and pray for recruits because the only way to cover the hours needed is to have many skilled people working at home for this adventure. 

Recruiting the best people I can find and asking you to help me find them too is always on my mind.

To earn a little for me I am completing a $20 program that shows you how to be safer online and in the future. 

insightful intelligent capital.

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