November 7th, 2021

Lord Mavro, of the Desk,

These requirements exist because they are what matters most. What matters most to me personally is that while I remain for a brief time to serve you, that my gift be distributed far and wide.

My way of differently thinking, caused my discoveries based on the scientific amendments I propose.

A global upgrade for understanding consciousness that creates a seemingly infinite practical solutions mindset, which I call the unified field understanding UFU, be at last properly shared with as many eager minds as possible.

The UFU could assist or make possible humanity ability to avoid our extinction and push back that date by thousands of years. In that additional time we gain, only afforded by the UFU philosophy and practice, life will have a chance to find a way.

That the future of my School of Philosophy become a foundation.

Philosofica de Magnanimous
for our magnificent world

I continue to post draft copy during these brainstorming sessions for the current information from the IAM. The IAM is a state of access to the collective unconscious caused by a practice of reviewing the actual universe and navigating its map.

I am searching for more editor/contributors so I have left grammar problems in these drafts letter for you to find and send in your corrections. You can even reword sections if you think it will help. The more helpful editors will receive a little stipend for your assistance.

  1. Be at level 4 or higher in my religion. As adherents we have no time for the false core beliefs and poorly aware actions of the delusional religions.

  2. The IAM, was invented by me in 1991, and I believe it to be the first religious system evolution in many centuries.
  3. This religions’ main purpose, task, job, and mission is to teach our evolved advanced religious “system” to the world. It is not to teach our religion. Not our dogma, not our mythology, not our story of origin, not our god ideas, but only to tell the story of the evolution of the worlds religious system. And why Our Will must be done in the long game.
  4. It is the greatest religion ever invented by a man. Although all religions are mans’ inventions, with 3 to 7% imagined into existence by women, this one is the only in human history that begins by truthful admitting or states this fact right upfront. It’s all made up by a guy.
  5. All the rest of these man made religions deny the truth on this point. Oh spooky.
  6. There are over a dozen significant benefits to my religion, but they can wait. OK a few, no preaching, the virtual church can’t be burnt down. No divorce allowed that is because, marriage license are in terms of installments of 3 year for a taste her, 5 year try it on for a good fit. 9 years start a family with a likely 9 year renewal plan, maybe for a few for life, how cool is that.

  7. Better for you to see this religion in action than to talk about it without a preference point.

  8. It is also the hardest religion to enroll in.

  9. Anyone caught preaching, standing on corner, working for free for a fiction-as-reality peddling printing company, knocking on strangers doors will become the target of rotten banana and over ripe tomatoes when caught red handed. Don’t come to our doors we don’t need to warn you twice.
  10. This is a School of philosophy, the greatest as you will see because it is based on discoveries that will turn science into successful science.

  11. Science is fogged by pseudo-science. Physics is fogged up by meta-physics. Religion is fogged by the history of religion and its grotesque misrepresentation of the word God and what that word actually means.

  12. We are the only people in the history of the humanity to GET IT RIGHT. That not only feels so damn good, but it makes us free to be confident about what we can do with this.

  13. This religion has the mission that only it can ever hope to achieve because we have the gift of a special tool.

  14. We have my discovery of the Map of the Conscious Universe. This is why I have over a thousand small to large business plans that you can use to enrich yourself.

  15. This map is why 100% of us have not had a common cold or the flu and none of us are vaccinated, although if you are that is perfectly fine, we never punish personal choice.

  16. The world is continuously being manipulated and we have the code to defrock the charlatans. At level 4 you can learn to trade fairly with us, and you will learn in the first court yard that Our God is Optional.

  17. There is only ONE GROUP of people down through history who have been betrayed and killed the most, persecuted for their beliefs, and from my deep studies they are called Atheist.

  18. As a man looks around and wants to think reasonably, he may question the church of his local immersion. This is where everyone says they think the same way, but in reality they each have a unique definition for what they believe.

  19. He has been harmed forever until now. The harm done to the God Optional people or God not-at-all folks, all stand up and say it together now, we the people say it is over.

  20. I have caused to become a sanctuary for logical people who either control their mind and genes or lack the common gullible gene, that’s 86% have in them, such as high-functioning-autistic and differently thinking people who may be missing the thing that helps us be consciously blinded too easily.

  21. The trick in this version of the world is second or side by value of physical church building, which is in fact a utility and a community center. All good and behaved people should have the church with no locked doors a shelter in any time of need.

  22. The church was life supportive values. These ancestral earned values in the old religions and their buildings were taken away for no good reason from the non-believer.

  23. That community center would have benefited from the possibly more open minded atheist, the Great Ape who looked up in the sky and says, NAHHHH I don’t think so, let’s keep looking for answers.

  24. Atheists say they don’t have a religion or a church. And they don’t.

  25. Atheists are more likely to be truthful than be manipulated by the word salad served the masses from honest liars in media swimming in the sea of lies that the world has become.

  26. Drowning out the voices of higher realism and the higher sets of values that come from understand more about everything, both our expectation, and our true potentiality as a co-creation social animal. With hidden instincts and dormant superpowers are yet to be revealed.

  27. This religion shows you exactly where in your mind you can discover your personal super powers.

  28. This religion is not divine, it’s just me, an idiot savant, an animal with an idea, live my gift of life to give the gift of life, live to give, unlike any other compass driven journey.

  29. When I pass along I will grow in fame as one of the lineage of world philosophers. Maybe some will come to love this contribution. I love this new [belief system] and its mission because it comes with knowledge and science. To worships truth as a dance, and god as a useful meme at times when needed.

  30. I know that long after I am gone, my students, their children and so on will use this knowledge collection to save themselves and eventually, in a thousand years, the planet earth will become sustainable.

  31. We have invention for 12 non-human world destroying events. We have the solution to the mental illness of the mass delusion that handles human caused extinction events, as human ruing the core base of logic and true the men into lost robots in behavior to be rallied up and used as cannon fodder for the power freaky type of Great Ape.

  32. This is a spiritual organization. I can’t help that I was born a spiritual master in a time of “what’s that”, in the west.

  33. Think about this for a moment. How is it that a secular government could decree us it be a religion? Is business above spirit? We have not applied to any temporary government elected by 34.74% wrong doers’, for legal religious state or tax free benefits. That might change one day if they change the form we don’t have to sign.

  34. Fuck them all.

  35. As they continue to stand in the way of all progress to do the right thing on earth, our mission to save all life in the world (including the stupid dumb and wicked) and make earth sustainable (cross your fingers).

  36. Pseudo science is masquerading as real science for money. Hey you have to eat.

  37. Here we read data correctly, don’t fudge with stats, and don’t leave out important facts, or alter the conclusion you need to make on your own, when new and better fact resources come through and we disperse it to everyone.

  38. We don’t protect any idea or a single opinion of our own. All ideas can be questioned at least once. The dark side wants us to waste time working back 30 years when those conclusions are in the dogma/data.

  39. We update and upgrade our own general world view opinion as needed.

  40. Some standard model is leading and some is not.

  41. The leading standard model fits well with he map of the conscious universe but exposes the errors in judgement of that data.

  42. Our map makes better scientist and people in all their rolls including defense and military, to chess players, everything is affected.

  43. The governments won’t like that. You come out stronger.

  44. They sell fake security and use fear to do so.

  45. They set up fake bad guys, we see it all the time, it’s easy to do when the public don’t think, didn’t learn organized thinking was a thing.

  46. They do this to make examples out of targets to feed the mass delusion about people how many are good how many percentage wise are bad and dangerous. Then they sell security. If you were stronger you wouldn’t need it so your not buying what they are selling.

  47. People are what I say they are most of the time because I share 1,500 surveys and from that you can get 2% + or – 19 out of 20 times.

  48. 89% of all people are good people most of the time. Then there is a limit to how much and how long they can be pushed around when they will snap and act like good people doing bad things.

  49. Some few are 89% bad thinking, therefore feeling bad, therefore behaving badly most of the time. Every few are on the far ends of that spectrum.

  50. Most people, and the average person of the world at this time, are 49% good most of the time and bad 51% of the time quantifiable. Like if you do one bad think it could be really bad and count for more. A person might do little bad things that add up over time to homelessness or broke.

  51. This is known because of the direction the world is going. It only takes a single 2% to flip in peoples thinking the net benefit in peoples behavior that allows the planet to start repairing itself and end the animal extinctions cause, by believe it or not, religion, or the current religious system.

  52. Not oil, not pills, not managed famine, not managed drought, not manufactured unhealthiness, not leaking labs of demon meme in the orders given to techniques and their lack of ability to run away, not media psyche mind worms, not wars, religion, religious thoughts in people who are not even religious.

  53. Those are the core thoughts one has that they never think about.

  54. Daily distraction is perfect at hiding your inner core foundational beliefs, but they bend the outcome of everything you think and do. In my school of philosophy, you will learn about the mirror and learn to see the way the tricks are played on the public common mind.

  55. Example, would you agree that having good judgement makes for a better possible life? If so, then why is there a rhyming meme out in the public that states, Judge not lest you be Judged. This meme is reverse of the truth.

  56. I say learn to be a good judge of life and the character of everything.

  57. I say the fact you don’t judge would honestly have zero effect on the fact that you will be judge hour by hour, endlessly, until the day of passing and that’s is the higher truth to deal with.

  58. I see the truth and will teach it to you how to see it for yourself through the lessons of my religion, The IAM.

  59. Tens of thousands of people remain in the gateway church and have no need to enter the higher churches of IAM.
  60. In the courtyard, we can learn to trust people in word and deed, in merit by actions, integrity and fair dealing with open learning hearts.

Thank you for your time today. Return for more tomorrow. Tell 2 friends and you’ll be glad you did. Some magical is happening and I will be telling you about it as the days move forward.