I have a Great Big Eye Deer


What could go wrong?

Well, company secrets could leak out into everybody’s business? Yes… BUT honestly what secrets?

CAN we talk about taking care of business, because this is not a full-blown company yet (never will be).

We are just a place to play with charitable ideas.

We are a thought experiment.


We are a project, a managed asset, property of a much larger corporation. This digital managed asset company has several private owners and it’s private not for sale to the public, so here we are not talking about that.

What’s in it for you?

Since we are not talking about that other private company, we can talk about this project as a company in-the-making and it should not be considered insider tabooing – if you know what I mean. We are talking about a 25K seat on a project that launches for 250K and that could return 500K per year by the second year.

Here at ICO we literally are a project that has been on the shelf for a long time. That company is an agency that matches people and ideas, giving clients the best seat in the house as investors – which is at the very beginning of great things.

Once we streamline operations they will cost a mind-blowing low side of  375K per year for every 1.1 million revenues generated. With that teensy budget ICO will take on a revenue stream capacity for earning $1,100,000, even while still running tests and proving brand theory. Our $1.1 mill in sales would primarily come from providing around 11,000+ new users with “Super-Customized-Publishing-Space /& Fund Raising Systems / for $12.95 a month.

Private Investment Experts PIE

Armchair Investors:

If you are interested in any solid guarantee… there are none. (not anywhere actually)

However, if you have a fist full of moldy bank capital you want to fertilize something good then put your money to work for you.

There could be a healthy convertible-debt plan for those who want to do more than the minimum (during the month of July 2015).

If any of that went over your head, let it do so.

You are in good hands and can contact us by this sites registry. Send a message to admin with your deeds and contact info included

You want to start with a $25,000 loan to the ICO project over a 24 month payback plan and how much you want returned each month beginning with the date of launch.

The purely for example plan above is a way to make it easy to see your return. If you ask for $1,050 a month in return you’d earn back more than 4 times what the banks will pay you in interest. However, if you ask for more then you stand to gain a fair bit more income.

Ask your financial advisers what they think is fair, if you can handle adding income to your tax bracket. If you are asking for $1,500 a month to continue this example only then you could expect a total return of 150% ROI, or 25,000 times 150% which equals $37,500.

Contact us today before we remove this potential of this offer due to filing all the applications spaces this week.


InCareOf.com has been many things over 18 years and began as a website for homeless people in Vancouver British Columbia. Back then I.C.O. was created by a homeless person. Government and law including the way the law deals with victims of crime caused that homelessness. This man was never lazy but became disabled by crime and corrupting in social services.

In time with so much loss and so much despair this mans endless suffering became cancer. The cancer reached stage 4 or the death sentence stage which he was allowing to happen to him as a way to die. He was too sane and too much of a coward to take his own life so cancer was the way out of this incomprehensibly unjust world of greed in people and the law and bylaws against all our basic human right o use our own money for basic survival not Vancouver corruption tax for the sins of government past deeds. These sins are including the obstruction of justice by members of the law and the robbery by-law against homeless people living in car/homes and other Canadian hero’s who have survived this media-cloaked truth-banned liars-world.

No one is telling the true stories of these amazing great people who are barely alive on the streets of injustice in Canada. Do you think the Fraser institute social engineers talking heads could invent a solution and help make it happen?

Every filthy dirty drug laced walking dead former person (metaphorically speaking or not) who may have had freedom and dignity on Main and Hastings (Pain and Wasting) has multiple law suits they are due which will never see a light or darkness of court. The compensation owned the homeless is equal to more than enough money to get them the hell out of hell and into a safe clean And COMFORTABLE home. It has to be comfortable to balance out the insanity of us allowing them to have no bed, (and we dare call ourselves the top species on the planet shhissh). But these brothers and sisters of the human race are beat so bad by the false lessons of the street that only keep you on the street never helping you rise out of it into peace and health.


InCareOf.com began for the homeless but now wants to change and be for anyone with a compelling reason.

To retool with new leaner operations we need donations and they need to come in between a short time bracket so that planning can become realistic. We need 7 paid staff to make the back bone of operation.  10 people could spend 25K each to cover one year of the ICO budget. That V.C. group could ask for convertible debt instruments.

We are NOT open for new customers at this time. 85K has been raised and allocated. 250K remains on the table.

YOUR important blogs ARE SELECTED, as you are part of a massive online magazine and a community event in social welfare history.

Anything you care about in your world, any untold story I.C.O. is your new home after we raise our budget and commence reopening operations. That’s only fair teddy bear. Don’t begin what one can’t pay for.


As a founding member, I will pay the entire budget out of my personal business income from the following business ventures and donations you occasionally are inspired to help with. Your volunteer time and commitment is a sincerely appreciated effort.

The Budget is 7 people for $250K need to produce $1M in sales or services per year. It may use no more than $400K in materials and expenses. We are in business to earn more than taxes or about 13% to 22% as a base value.

Hi there and welcome to I.C.O. World Multi-Selected-Content Blog!
We are In Care Of you and your world. It’s your world @ I.C.O.

And what can you do with your world?

Well, Your World is a Part of Our World, only you have a front-row seat in your personal world !

Thinking about that fact, In Care Of is committed to providing the best tools and systems for expressing your world by you.

Your world may have a charitable cause or a mission perhaps several missions.

I.C.O has spent 18 years finding and providing ways to help you do that.

…or something like this:

Oh and the football fan, don’t know how but one of our rules is make what you do more fun as often as you can. Have fun!